99% Purity Cinnamyl Alcohol CAS 104-54-1 Colorless Liquid Chemical Raw Materials for Good Effect
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99% Purity Cinnamyl Alcohol CAS 104-54-1 Colorless Liquid Chemical Raw Materials for Good Effect
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Place of Origin: Wuhan,Hubei
Brand Name: Saichuang
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 104-54-1
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raw materials testing pharmaceutical


raw material pharmaceutical

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Product Name: Cinnamyl Alcohol
CAS: 104-54-1
MF: C9H10O
MW: 134.18
Product Description



Cinnamyl alcohol, white crystals, soluble in ethanol, propylene glycol and most non-volatile oils, insoluble in water and petroleum ether, insoluble in glycerin and non-volatile oils. It has a similar hyacinth and aroma of aroma, and has a sweet taste. The trans is a colorless or slightly yellow long fine needle-like crystal, and the cis is a colorless liquid. Soluble in ethanol, propylene glycol and most non-volatile oils, insoluble in water and petroleum ether, insoluble in glycerin and non-volatile oils.




Flavor and fragrance


Cinnamyl alcohol is mainly used in the preparation of aromas such as apricot, peach, raspberry and plum, cosmetic essence and soap essence. It has a mild, long-lasting and comfortable aroma, elegant fragrance and also used as a deodorant. It is often used in combination with phenylacetaldehyde. Alcohol is the food spice allowed in China's "Sanitary Standards for the Use of Food Additives". It is mainly used to prepare fruit flavors such as strawberries, lemons, apricots and peaches and flavors of brandy. The amount used in chewing gum is 720 mg/kg; 33 mg/kg in baked food; 17 mg/kg in candy; 8.8 mg/kg in soft drinks; 8.7 mg/kg in cold drinks; 5.0 mg/kg in alcohol.


Organic synthesis intermediate


It can be used to prepare cinnamyl chloride, which is an excellent raw material for the preparation of long-acting multifunctional vasoconstrictor antagonist, cytosine. At the same time, cinnamyl chloride can also be used to synthesize anti-pathogenic microbial drug naftifine and anti-tumor drugs. Toremifen. Flunarizine dihydrochloride is a calcium antagonist that can also be synthesized using cinnamyl chloride. Cinnamyl alcohol is also a raw material used to prepare perfumery lauric acid.




Cinnamaldehyde reduction


0.01 parts of aluminum scrap was added to 1 part by mass of benzyl alcohol, and the mixture was heated to 60 ° C to release hydrogen gas, and the temperature was raised to 180 ° C until the evolution of hydrogen gas was stopped. The aluminum benzyl alcohol solution was cooled, filtered, and added to a mixture of benzyl alcohol and cinnamaldehyde (mass 1:1). The mixture was heated to boiling under the condition of 0.0027 MPa, and the benzaldehyde formed by the reaction was distilled off at 80 ° C and a reflux ratio of 3 to 4, and benzyl alcohol was added thereto. The feed was stopped after the theoretical amount of 95% benzaldehyde was distilled off, and the remaining benzyl alcohol was distilled off, and then the crude cinnamyl alcohol was distilled off. Further, by distillation under reduced pressure, a fraction of 117 ° C (7 kPa) was collected, which was cinnamyl alcohol.


Su Hexiang saponification


Cinnamyl alcohol is naturally present in Peruvian balsam, benzoin and sago balsam in the form of lauric laurate. The saponin was heated and saponified in 10% sodium hydroxide solution for 5 h, and then the hydrolyzed product was extracted with diethyl ether. Finally, the cinnamyl alcohol was obtained by distillation under reduced pressure.


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99% Purity Cinnamyl Alcohol CAS 104-54-1 Colorless Liquid Chemical Raw Materials for Good Effect 0

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